Contractor: Self Built
Design team: Monalika, Chitra Vishwanath
Year: 2010
Location: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Site:  41255 Sq.ft
Built-up Area:  2891 Sq.ft
A phenomenal energy churning up through out, the frontline of the project , both Radhika and Kumar as well as the team from Andhra and TamilNadu countryside, put it all together!
The house built on an acre plot, brings in the nature in their lifestyle. Water harvested takes care almost full year requirement and reducing the use of water softeners to Nill in that area! Four recharge wells take care of the surface run-offs of the site. Treated waste water of toilets is providing a feast to the Bananas growing by its side as compared to its cousins growing little away near the boundary line!