Contractor: M C Narayan
Design Team: Chitra Vishwanath, Sharath Nayak
Year: 2010
Location: R T Nagar, Bangalore
Site: 30′ x 50′
Built-up Area: 1,800 Sqft
The house for Hamsa is in a busy urban context. The palette for this house is with the most basic material of exposed concrete, rammed earth, wood and glass. “The rammed earth walls” being used in the volumetric sense in the studio area, strikes the eye at first and then the horizontal layers, shades and hue lend an contemporary gaze The houses is really a box which includes the good views and discards the urban eye sores with strategic location of openings and mix match of frosted and clear glass. The double upper mezzanine is almost a revelation asone walks around the house. This home is different on the count of technique and material use, the context and surrounding of the building and also the scale. The process of design and execution in the case revels that of constant innovation.