Contractor: Mr. Muralidhar Reddy
Design Team: Sharath Nayak, Maitri Dore & Himanshu Mam
Year: 2014
Location: Shankar Mutt road
Site: 10000sft
Built-up Area: Approx 3200 Sqft

The Raghavan house is located on Shankar muth road, in the heart of Bangalore. The family lived on a house on the same site. The previous house had been expanded over time to suit the requirments of the family but had developed issues of cracks, dampness and leakage. The subsequent additions had reduced the light in the house and multiple levels made it difficult for the elderly.The house was also not suiting the present lifestyle of the family. Hence, the family decided to take the house down and build a new one in it’s place.

The family was sensitive to the fact that the demolition will generate debris and wanted to reuse as much of the material from the demolition as possible. This meant that the house would need to be dismatled and not demolished. The materials were then segregated and used back in the house.

The new design had 4 houses on two levels. Elements of nostalgia like the tinnai or raised seat near the entrance and the Mutram or open to sky courtyard ere integrated into the design of the house, as desired by the family.