Contractor: Ranganath
Design Team: Guillaume Segond, Martin Laferriere, Divya Ram
Year: 2011
Location: Kallanayakanahalli village, Kunigal, Tumkur Dist.
Site: 2 acres
Built-up Area: 8,487 sqft
This residence to accommodate staffs and visitors working with Reitzel India, an agro-business from Switzerland, is located in the middle of an areca nut plantation in the outskirt of the industrial sector of Kunigal.  While accommodating, on a daily basis,  local staff and directors of the packaging factory near the site, the idea of the staff house was also to create a special place for visitors for be lodged in a local and homey yet chic atmosphere.
The plan is divided in three sections, room, social and service spaces, connected together by a central courtyard which in itself act as a usable space for social event and get together.  In addition to opening towards the courtyard, the social spaces and the rooms open to the peripheral garden, offering the guests plenty of privacy and connection to green spaces.
Materialisation of the house is by local stone masonry wall used as function dividers between private and social areas along with  stabilised mud blocks for the rest of the house.