Contractor: Shaik Silaiman
Design Team: kushbo Shah, Martin Laferriere
Year: 2012
Location: Puttaparthy, A.P
Site: 1.3 Acres
Built-up Area: 6,900 sqft
Located in the outskirt of Puttuparthy town. Sai Prashanthi School is a place for local children can have free education, food and for older one, vocational training.  Started in a room behind what was then the school master’s house in the local village, the number of students had outgrown the available space and additional space soon became a necessity.  Thanks to the efforts of several fund raisers and generous individuals, funds for the basic land and amenities was made available.
The land, with a west sloping topography and vacant eastern plot, is a long and narrow 1.3 acres with no trees or vegetation whatsoever.  The sitting of the new school had to take into concideration the potential futur growth to accomodate either dormitories or extra class rooms as and when fund and growth happen.
Having a large hall, four or five class rooms and computer room, kitchen and wash area, the building is entirely east/west oriented to maximize uniform day light in all the class rooms.  Being located in a very hot and dry region, a feature of the class rooms is the ceiling height and the plentiness of natural light/ air flow coming from the meshed top openings.
Part of the requirement was to have a large hall for prayer and Bhajan singing.  The circular shape was choosen to enhance the idea of togetherness and community spirit.
A large part of the water needs comes from the roof top rainwater harvesting.  The remaining needs is supplied by the borewell and the driking water treated by a solar powered reverse osmosis system.   Waters from the washrooms is being passed through and simple septik and planted filter to be used for the vegetable needs of the school.