Contractor :  Narayan M C

Design team : Devyani Dayal, Monalika Nandaa, Chitra Vishwanath

Consultants : Ravindranath B.V(Structural)

Site Area : 2400 sft.

Built Area : 2750 sft

“Shankaja” evolved as a result of extreme keenness from Mini and Satheesh to have a house that is not rectangular box and yet has all functional requirements in place. Two walls in rammed earth having alternating shades of mud, flank the entrance verandah, which is laid with an undulating slate surface and provides a good space to sip an evening cup of tea by setting sun!

The house is an open plan at the ground floor level. One enters into the living room which has a window seat and overlooks the front garden space and the tree outside the house. There is fluid circulation from living to dining to kitchen spaces, the dining space further opening into a Red Oxide floored verandah and garden at the back. The kitchen has an attached utility for other activities.

The basement carved out below, houses the entertainment area with skylights for enough light and some windows for air circulation. The Yellow Oxide floor keeps the space bright and cheerful.

The lobby on the first floor has a clay tile flooring with Jaisalmer stone inserts. It looks into the central circular void that passes through the entire height of the house

The master bedroom is on the first floor. It has a high filler slab ceiling and vertical strip windows with coloured glass for drama of light. A ribbon window just above the bed looks onto the tree canopies. A few highlights of mud rendered walls are also weaved in. The master toilet has shell tile interiors with skylights to add to the building structure. We await the plants to grow to make it a complete experience!