What we do

Biome’s service offerings range from architectural and rainwater harvesting design to environmental planning consultancy and comprehensive water strategising. We place great emphasis on developing strong communication channels and particularly face-to-face interaction with each of our clients, which enable us to tune in to the client’s needs and constraints.

Architectural design

Ecology and sustainability are the two cornerstones of the firm’s design philosophy. Our architecture team works closely with the client and their requirements to be able to conceive an environmentally sound project. This is achieved by a constant evaluation of the project’s impact on site, embodied energy of materials,climatic tolerance, water management systems and the social impact.

Water sustainability solutions

Having operated for over 15 years as an informal group of water solutions advisors under the name Rainwater Club, Biome’s team recognized a fast growing demand for rainwater harvesting (RWH) and other sustainable water systems, and decided to formally integrate water solutions provision into our business. In the past two years alone, we have worked with an array of clients to implement RWH, greywater recycling, and alternative sanitation systems.

Our water team specialises in a number of sustainable water services, including rainwater harvesting (RWH), greywater recycling, alternative wastewater treatment, ecological sanitation, and comprehensive water management planning. Biome delivers water solutions for all client types, from households and apartments to corporate campuses and private layout associations.

Environmental planning & site development

Our team works with commissioned consultants to bring ecological thinking to land-use planning in all stages of a particular project. Consideration is paid to water, energy, bio-diversity, and all other critical aspects of land development.


We believe in passing on our knowledge to receptive audiences in order to help make ecological and sustainable practices more widespread within our society. To achieve this, we offer a range of training sessions and seminars.